System bet: winning despite a wrong prediction

System bet: winning despite a wrong prediction

Since October 2021, the Dutch bettor may legally make a sports bet at one of the online casinos. This is possible at and Bet365, for example. Most enthusiasts bet on soccer matches or make a combination bet. The latter option consists of several bets that are combined into one bet.

However, this also often goes wrong, as the total bet will be wrong if one prediction is incorrect. This can be avoided with a so-called 'system bet'. In this case the player can still win a cash prize even if his prediction is wrong. By the way, you can place bets on the bet sites free bets.


What is a system bet?

A player who chooses a combination bet can also make a system bet. The participant picks at least three matches and will then use one of the system variants. For example, a 'doubles system' can be chosen. Only two of the three sports bets must be correct to collect a prize. Several systems are available, but it depends on the number of matches the player chooses.


A single bet is a bet on one match. The prediction must be correct in order for a win to be credited.


The player must select at least three bets. The participant wins a prize when at least two predictions are correct. The highest cash prizes are paid out when all predictions are correct.


The player must select three bets. A profit amount will be paid out when all three bets are correct. How high the prize is, that depends on the odds. It is also possible to play the system with multiple bets, again at least three predictions must be correct.


A Trixie system bet is actually both a Doubles and a Trebles. Only the singles do not count and do not pay out any prizes.


A Patent system bet consists of both Singles, Doubles and Trebles. Obviously, a high wager will need to be placed.


In a Yankee system bet the player will play everything except the singles. The probability of winning is higher, but it can also be a prize that is lower than the bet.

Example of a system bet

A system bet is quite simple, but not every bettor has heard of it.


A Doubles system bet will be chosen. The bet will be placed three times. With a bet of 10.00 Euros, the total bet will come to 30.00 Euros. A maximum of 88.00 Euros can be won, provided all predictions are correct.

Should one of the three predictions be wrong, the player will still win an amount. Please note that in two of the three cases in the example, the win amount is lower than the bet. However, it is the ideal way to reduce the risk.